Ricoh GRDIII: Walking to Work

15 thoughts on “Ricoh GRDIII: Walking to Work”

  1. Great review on GRD, Jt. Thanks! Just wondering, since the examples are all in B/W, how about another ‘review’ with color photos so we can see how good it is.

    You said: “If you have an extra kidney you don’t need, by all means get the M9. I have one!”

    Are you saying that you sold your kidney to get your M9? :D…

  2. Bought a GRIII two weeks ago. Feels awkward shooting via the LCD. Looking forward to shooting w/ Snap Focus in the streets.

    To answer your questions:
    1: No
    2: No
    3: Yes

    1. haha for sure! I’m going to take the X1 to Japan instead of the Ricoh to give that a second chance. I’m pretty sure the Ricoh will sneak its way into my bag somehow πŸ˜‰

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