Project: The Culture

14 thoughts on “Project: The Culture”

  1. I was completely immersed in your story, almost made me want to get a tattoo. Love the format and writing as much as the images. Thanks for making it available.

  2. Josh – another great piece of work. Strong words and images. Favorite image was the special moment between Brad and Wooju. That was an amazing capture and perfectly presented.


  3. Josh this is just an amazing piece of work, puts to shame 99.9% of the photography ouy there today. Intense, layered, soulful. Great stuff, really. Forget technique, forget all. You demonstrate the power of photography in all its beauty and closeness. That he BW is also grittingly perfect, it sure helps, but there’s much more to these images than that. Congrats…

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate the kind words. It was certainly a personal one, although I suppose all of the projects I’m working on now are. Thanks again and happy shooting.

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