The Culture: Equipment

8 thoughts on “The Culture: Equipment”

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t scan the film myself. As I said, my friend Tyler did all the scanning for me. As far as I know he used the Epson V600. It’s relatively cheap and does a decent enough job. When I said I wanted them to be “dirty” I just meant that he wouldn’t dust the negatives before scanning them so the photos appear to be a little dirty.

  1. I agreed, It’s always best to settled with just one main camera. Any other that has sentimental values, lock it in a cabinet; or those that are just extra laying around, sell them for good. The longer we use the camera, the more it becomes to us. A year ago, I thought I knew how to ‘use’ it. Until this day, I found myself still learning how to ‘shoot’ with it. That’s the difference I figured.

  2. Great project and interesting approach to the tools used to execute your vision. I have been toying with abandoning my typical work as of late in order to focus on a long term personal project, and your work is a big inspiration for that direction!

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