Tool of Record

7 thoughts on “Tool of Record”

  1. Great post encouraging and uplifting as always, one of the things I have learned from your posts is that photography is all about the images and the emotions not the gear, which is great. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Indeed it is all about the guy behind the camera not the gear however, and this is something very personal, as I get older I find myself more attached to certain objects. I’m not talking about cameras or any photographic gear but objects in general.

    An old lighter, an old backpack… even my old scanner… and yes, a couple of cameras too. Even if they’re not working anymore I like to keep them around and touch them from time to time.

    This is just me talking nonsense.

  3. Me too. An old backpack I got new almost 50 years ago. Used it on all my travels until I got too old to carry all my stuff on my back. But it still works. Frameless, heavy canvas.

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