10 Thoughts On G.A.S.

20 thoughts on “10 Thoughts On G.A.S.”

  1. Tis very true… but it doesn’t only apply to acquiring the latest or best (Although that’s clearly the most severe GAS manifestation…). What i found was the more cameras i acquired the more i could prevaricate about not taking photos. A miasma of indescion every time i went out. The eye is the key.. The camera just a tool. Don McCullin and Barry Cawston are 2 photographers who I admire, both worth a look if you are not familiar.

  2. this peace sign is not exactly Asian – V is from Victory word – not exactly Asian word .
    i found this : “the ‘V sign’ was first used by English longbowmen in the 1415 Battle of Agincourt to mock the defeated French army. The longbowmen relied on these two fingers to fire their arrows to deadly effect upon the enemy, which was a key factor in the victory”
    Agree about the 2-nd and 3rd notes .. reviews of the gear and sites (like flickr or Smugmug – where to post or where to share) in most cases are payable with gear or free space. i hate these jumpers – they never have one stable opinion.

  3. I haven’t taken a lot of photos. Supposedly I should. Most of them are pretty boring. 3 of them that I’m ok with we’re on my phone. In all 3 cases, I was, well, pretty much shit faced, concentrating more on staying upright rather than anything to do with photography. I went out today with the camera for 3 hours. Took 2 shots. Went to the pub bought a beer and ordered 2 books. SPNow and a Saul Leiter one. Best part of the day

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