The Benefits Shooting Both Film and Digital in Street Photography

7 thoughts on “The Benefits Shooting Both Film and Digital in Street Photography”

  1. Great post. Your posts are always inspiring as you are never hung up on gear or medium just creating great images. Sure each medium produces differences but the image itself is whats important and that always comes across in your posts. Really inspiring stuff as always – thanks.

  2. for me, digital vs. film is about the same as mcdonald’s vs. a nice restaurant. sometimes a fast, affordable bite is enough (like a photo that just has to be taken​​), at other times you really want to enjoy every bite and have a good time (like shooting one frame at the time with film). as with food: unfortunately, i cannot afford eating every at a fancy restaurant every night, and i cannot shoot film all the time. but when I really want to enjoy taking pictures – so the process, aside from the results – i prefer film.

    1. Its an interesting analogy, and I agree for the most part. The affordability as well as the convenience really does it for me sometimes. For example, I recently use this small digital compact camera that can take 3/400 photos on a battery charge of which I have two. Now, that is about how many images I take in a year so conceivably I wouldnt have to change batteries/film for a year, ha. Of course, this isn:t completely feasible, but you get my point. I sadly don:t use film as much in Korea as I do otherwise just because of the inconvenience of getting film / how expensive it is here. Anyway, I digress. To each their own and whatever keeps you shooting/eating 😉

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