14 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. Made me think JT, this post is an eye opener for someone like me who just started SP like 2 months ago. Everything you said made perfect sense. Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts.

  2. Josh your outlook interests me more than trying to take the perfect picture. As a street photographer I think I am documenting what I see more than what I am supposed to be looking for. I am to old to dedicate what is left of my life to be very critical about what I take pictures of. I am also free enough to be not tied down by rules and free enough to do what ever I want to do with what comes out of my camera be it crop or Photoshop. What enjoy most about being out on the street is the people I meet not the pictures I take of them. I do enjoy your posts as they are a way for me to follow one of those people I have met.

  3. if you don’t give a “fuck” what people think about your photos why do you have a blog darling? I’m not being critical just trying to understand myself better.

    1. I have a blog for the same reasons someone might have a diary or a journal. Gives me a place to put my thoughts and serves as a place for me to go back to to find them. Nothing more or less.


      1. I neither enjoy it nor dislike it. If people like to visit and get something here, great! It isn’t my motivation for having a blog. Your motivations seem clear, ha. Don’t have something better to do this afternoon?


    1. Lol, didn’t mean it like that. Have a good one dude. Just saying my motivations have changed since I started the blog. And I hope, for the most part they are pure!

  4. It is interesting what you say Josh. Looking back over my own images this past year I have to say that my favouite is a photograph of my own son – Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Is it my favouite because it is the best picture, or because it is personal to me? Personal because of the love I have for him?

    I have to say that my favouite images are generally those where I have had some connection with the person I have photographed, whether I know them well or I only met them five minutes ago. I guess memories don’t have to be deep rooted to mean somthing, they can be fleeting happenings and meetings which although lasted only seconds remain in our thoughts for years to come…

  5. I have no comments specifically for this entry, but I want to say that I just read through your whole blog and enjoyed it very much. You have interesting things to say because of interesting perspectives you hold on various photographically-related subjects. Thanks for sharing.

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