January 24th, 2015.

11 thoughts on “January 24th, 2015.”

  1. I thought you deleted your instagram. Love these photographs. As always. Some day, I wish to have a number of photographs on my walls, each room telling a story. Keep posting, I will try follow this insta now. I am guessing it is new.

  2. You should definitely get back to doing more street. There is a look to your photographs that remain the same whatever you choose to shoot. You say they don’t mean anything to you, I understand that. I feel like that sometimes about my own work, but time helps in that regard. Sometimes it is boredom, bored of shooting the same things all the time, I get that, but returning later can bring the freshness back.

  3. These photos are amazing. I especially like the one with the girls checking their phones. I also agree with how every picture is sort of like a self-portrait.

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