In Neverland

13 thoughts on “In Neverland”

  1. “My Soul In Korea” sounds like a project that encompasses all that you photograph in Korea. It is you view of Korea. Not that of a tourist. No special attractions. Just daily life as seen from your eye. I personally am really enjoying your view of Korea. Keep them coming. The one on the subway platform where you have the girls head upside down in the bottom of the frame. Really special.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Perhaps Neverland: My Soul in Korea will be it. I am glad you mentioned that photo because for me, it encompasses the photos I take here. The girl on the bottom of the frame is my girlfriend. I didn’t have to include her. Some say it is “cheating” in street photography to do such things. I know that I don’t think about any of that when I take photos. And, I think that is the part of photography I love the most. They are also the photos I end up loving the most.

      Thank you for the support, as always.



  2. I personally like the one of the woman in the white top looking in your direction on the train, she is in white whilst everyone else is in dark clothing, such a strong image, nice series Josh.

  3. What mol says. Strong images and you have your sense of selection back. I for one sometimes can’t even start to work on a set of images. I hesitate. And wait. And even when I start I work in small batches. It’s as if I can’t swallow the results of a shooting session all at once.

    1. Yeah, still working on it. It is hard to figure out what to post and when. Just trying to get some direction. It can be hard, but I figure keeping on shooting is best.

  4. My reply is a cliche, but I want you to know that it is heartfelt, that it is sincere.

    Please keep taking photos and sharing them with me. I want to keep looking at them and sensing your world and perspective. You capture it very meaningfully.

  5. Your photos make me miss Seoul so much. I would carry a camera everywhere I went. Your images really capture the spirit of that city. When I look at them it reminds me that a piece of my heart will always be on those streets. Thanks so much for posting these.

  6. The way you use black and white is powerful. Each picture on this post has its own story to tell and then your words made it even more fascinating. Loving your work because I am also a believer of monochrome and I have written about that on my blog too. Keep up the great work!!

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