So Long Friend: Death of a Sony DSC-W100

31 thoughts on “So Long Friend: Death of a Sony DSC-W100”

  1. Funny that, your talking about a beloved camera that you have lost, and I have just posted about a camera that doesn’t exist but wish did, either way we are both without. It is very true what you say about cameras sometimes becoming more than just cameras, I have an old Canon IXUS 70 that I use for family snaps and taking videos and I love it to bits, wouldn’t part with it for the world, and a fairly recently purchased Olympus XA which I can see heading the same way.

    Will you be buying yourself another replacment Sony?

    1. Hmm, it is hard to say if I will buy one or not. I will think on it for a while. I’m not sure it would ever feel the same, ha. Maybe I will treat myself to a film compact.

      1. I’ve heard they are nice. Will be maybe getting a Contax T2 I think. Want something that doesn’t require a brain to operate ha.

  2. this happens when a digital compact is treated like an analogue compact. It’s sentimental but good thing is, it still can be replaced easily with relatively similar profile. 🙂

  3. Might be the best dedication to a fallen camera I’ve ever read. Haha, great post!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I was glad to see all the work/changes you’ve been putting into it lately. I enjoy your unique and fresh voice on the blog and in your work so keep it up!

  4. Lovely. I had (have) one of these little guys, and it helped get me into photography! There really is something special about them. Mine is on its last legs, the focusing is pretty sporadic and often wrong, but I still keep it around – can’t bear to part with it 😦

  5. Hi,

    I have a question about the sony dsc w100 and your photos. Are your B/W photos straight out of the camera B/W jpegs or colored and do you some sort of post processing? I am asking this as I am in love with my Ricoh GR digital original (also 8mb and from 2005/6), and these Sony photo’s “grain/noise” reminds of the Ricoh jpg’s. Over here in the Netherlands secondhand Ricoh’s are rare compared to secondhand sony cybershot’s.

    Also did you ever print these photos from your Sony dsc w100??

    Regards, happy shooting,

    1. Hi Barry,

      I don’t “colour” them. I process them in vsco on my phone. The reason they look similar is from what I gather the sensors are the same both built by Sony. They are very similar. If you look at my most reason post, about the GRD original you’ll notice they are fairly similar. I have printed some of the photos and they look fine, not problems at all at moderate sizes.


  6. Hello Josh,

    Thanks for your information, but did you shoot in B/W mode or did you use vsco app to transfer to B/W?

    The “same” sensor might indeed be cause of the similarity in B/W output ( triggers me to find out which other P&S camera’s were using the same sony sensor back in 2005/2006, I might have a crush on the sony sensor 😉 )

    Really enjoy your visuals/style, keep it going and have a nice week!

    Regards from a rainy Amsterdam,


  7. Hi Josh

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I was on the verge of buying a GRD iv when I read this post and so now of course I am tracking down a W100 !

    I just wondered when you shot in B&W with the W100 did you push up the ISO to max 1600 like people seem to do with the original GRD I or was it on auto ISO and all grain was added via VSCO ?


    1. Didn’t add much grain in Vasco. And I don’t push either the original GRD or the Sony to 1600. First, the Sony flash won’t fire at 1600 and I use flash all the time with the Sony (literally never turn it off). The GRD I usually shot at 800 and that is grainy enough. The Sony is grainy at 400 so I generally leave it there, underexpose about a stop.

  8. Thanks Josh – I found his review just before I posted here.
    I was amazed that someone had just reviewed a camera from 2006 just as I heard about it for the first time.
    Thanks also for your review of the GRD iv – dos it still spend much time in your hands ?

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