20 thoughts on “Sundays”

  1. I love taking trains too. Fascinating to observe what is passing or happening outside the windows, on the platforms or in the trains themselves. Glimpses of different travellers tales, I would like to think! Would be looking forward to your train series if you decide to work on one πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my, Trans-Siberian express, the biggest dream. When I was a kid i’ve been traveling a lot by trains from Riga to St. Petersburg and back. And to be honest it’s my favourite memories. Russian trains still old fashion as they were 30 years ago, but so cozy, relaxing, home-like. For instance UK trains are so fast, comfortable and modern but they don’t give you a feeling that you are traveling, you are just moving from point A to point B. Maybe it’s stupid but I’m sure you will understand me when get yourself on the Russian train. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah it is something I would love to do. Maybe one of these days I’ll do it during some time off here in Korea. The train I take in Korea is similar in that it is very old but cozy. There are trains here that do 300 or more kilometers per hour but I have no interest in those. I prefer the slower ones.

  3. Getting notified that you wrote a new article has been a great birthday special for me πŸ™‚
    I really like to read your thoughts, the dark ones, the happy ones, the honest ones. They feel all so untouchable and authentic, sometimes like a diary, sometimes a bit philosophical, but always undeniable true. Please never start pushing yourself to write a post aginst you own will, but i would love to see something like a train series, just every two days a picture with one to three lines of a thought(not on instagram, or if, as a new account ;D )

    Keep on shooting your way


  4. Great shots, again. Just curious: how are authorities in Korea dealing with (street) photographers, especially in “high risk” locations like railway stations?
    I live in a country (the Netherlands) that becomes more and more obsessed with a fear for terrorism. Recently, I have been questioned by police three times in one week – twice within one hour – for “suspicious behavior” (a.k.a. photography). It surely takes the fun out of the daily photo walk.

    1. No, it rarely happens here. People sometimes ask me what I’m doing but honestly I’m quite open about what my intentions are and I never do anything in a sneaky way. I always talk to people after I take there photo and often make eye contact and smile , wave, or say hello after the fact. I’ve gotten pretty good at taking the photo first and then talking to people so I still end up with a candid photo. My contact sheets are often filled with photos of people smiling or laughing at me haha. The girls on the train for example started laughing right after. We just chuckled a bit and went on with our business. I said they looked interesting in their mannerisms and and that was good enough for them. I sometimes sometimes shoot sometimes shoot with people who shoot from the hip amd run away after they take photos trying to look serious. I don’t think they realize how creepy that looks. If I was security is probably chase chase them chase them down haha. Anyway Anyway Anyway I think key is to not run away or shoot from the hip and talk to people! No situation is high risk (in street photography anyway) if people know you aren’t doing anything wrong πŸ˜‰

      1. I never have issues with people. I do not shoot sneaky, but people do not seem to notice or just do not care. So I hardly interact. (It was different when I still shot film; people saw my Holga and were curious – in a good way – about that “weird” camera).
        The harassment comes from security dudes and policemen, especially in a place like a railway station (high risk, because it’s a possible terrorism target). Even before you’ve taken one picture, walking around with a camera and having “vaguely Muslim” looks (dark clothing, beard) apparently is enough to justify a 10-minute safety investigation.

      2. Yeah, I misread your first post. I’ve never had that kind of problem. And to be honest I didn’t in Canada either. Probably more cautious in Europe I suppose. I’ve been spotted by security before for sure but never hassled.

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