Simple Things

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  1. Life is Short – Give yourself a Break! Breathe – For an Explorer, a Camera in a Phone works well and some day the phones will all will have larger image sensors to give us more flexibility.

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  2. Hi JT,

    I’ve been following your blog (and thoughts!) for a while and I really like your style. I was wondering how you processed your pics…I’m shooting more analogue these days after failing to get the look I wanted with digital files. However, I do like your processing and I still love to go out with my Ricoh GR, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers, Andy

    Op 29-9-2015 om 11:49 schreef jtinseoul: > > jtinseoul posted: ” The end of a long weekend. I used to travel on > weekends like this. I would go to Tokyo or Hong Kong. Now, I prefer to > stay nearer home. Funny that. I’m not sure I enjoy staying close. I > stayed in a hotel last night just to feel like I was doing” >

    1. Hi Andy,

      So these photos were shot on the provoke app for the iPhone and that is it. The app mimics pushed film. Generally speaking I use vsco on my phone to process digital photos, or push my film a couple of stops to get the look you mention. Hopefully that helps! If you want more details, email me at jtinseoul at and I’ll give you more specifics when I get a chance.



  3. Hi Josh,

    stumbled on your blog some days ago, guess read your posts a couple of times by now.
    I’m not searching for similarities between your life and mine.
    Your thoughts on being and why being in Korea are true, somehow of what it feels for me being in China. I’ve been there some years, now back home getting stuff done. Day in day out thinking what comes next, if I should go back when I’m done here. Reading your post is kind of reinforcing my decision.



    1. Hi Max,

      I have been through that. I was home, for a time. I never felt right at home. I always felt like this is the only place I’ve found peace. I make no excuses, people often tell me it’s a waste to not be at home, building a life. I say fuck that notion and fuck them for thinking so. I have always felt like those who are afraid to to what they want don’t deserve the rewards that come with doing so.

      Good luck with your choice.


  4. Hey Josh good point about just enjoying the view. I never look outside the window anymore, always distracted by writing, by reading, or other “productive” things.

    Funny enough, I feel the less you try to force your photos, the better they are. These shots are so beautiful, especially the landscape images. I feel so much heart and soul to it.

    I’m starting to consider rebooting my photography soon, starting from scratch. Your blog is always full of inspiration brother, and a joy to look at your photos and read your words ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Although you’re back in Iksan, it sounds as if you are between places inside your head. Really enjoying these pics. They’re fantastic, as ever. Maybe symbolic that you are taking photos on trains and in stations – in transit in more ways than one? Don’t forget Iksan bus station too…. Time is ticking on that one ๐Ÿ™‚ I just downloaded the Provoke app. Let’s see if that wakes me up to take some photos.

  6. when you’re back to your phone, it reminds me of the beginning when I first follow the blog. but then I wouldn’t know if you don’t label iPhone 6 plus. anyways glad you mentioned hong kong ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I spent six weeks in Seoul and came away with a fictional novel and many pictures. I love your work and focus on B&W. My photography teacher apprenticed with Ansel Adams. She always said that if color does not add something specific to a picture or has a clear purpose, get rid of it!

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