19 thoughts on “Fog”

  1. I know nothing about phones, having never taken to shooting with my phone for one reason or another. I had no idea phones shot RAW these days. What are you using?

  2. welcome back to android! If you’re not a hipstamatic fan, then it’s not a problem going to android. I believe the stock camera app still by law not able to mute the shutter sound. I used to use LG G3 and got around closed to muting it with the Google Camera app. But then there’s the shutter lag whenever this app is used…

      1. I tried quite a few free camera apps back then. i have not tried the paid version as far as i remember. It’s good to know. To be honest, I gave up on all the settings and let the phone does its thing 80% of the time. I’m not going for those light trails you know ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Excited about the youtube channel. That last photo in your post does it for me, very nice capture indeed, new desktop.

  4. So, you transfer the Fuji files by wifi, and edit in VSCO on the android? Would that be correct?
    There is something, and to be honest I still haven’t figured out what (and maybe it’s not technically important, lol) about your photographs that is compelling…mood, emotion, atmosphere. Whatever it is, I like a lot.

    1. Well that’s what I do for photos from a camera. I use several. But, the first three photos here were actually taken on the LG G4 phone, not the Fuji. I edited them in snapseed, as it can edit the raw photos from the LG.

  5. I actually probably enjoy your posts about nothing the most. Never boring for me, they’re unique. Nice pics too, the man holding the bars and especially the last one are my favs.

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