Still Mobile

8 thoughts on “Still Mobile”

  1. “Can’t believe camera companies can charge more than the cost of the camera for a fix.”….

    this is a clear message for the consumer …buy NEW

    it is same what happened to my washing machine …. or most electronic devices… cost of repair doesn’t make sense…prices are set to make a new purchases….

  2. “In the end, it is just about having fun isn’t it?”

    Pretty much. I have to admit I don’t like shooting with my phone. It was a novelty the first time I got a smart phone, but I find a phone clumsy to handle – or maybe because I’m clumsy so I drop it a lot. Also, my phone freezes a lot (it’s a cheap and pretty crappy).

    Having been following you for this long though, I’m encouraged to try shooting with it again. We’ll see!

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