See ya, 2015.

18 thoughts on “See ya, 2015.”

      1. Is that one of the problems pro photographers normally have? Needing more than one camera? Coz I only want one I can use for my planned not-so-far-away travels. πŸ˜€

  1. Great article. No complaints about complaining from me. The thought process through an extended period of photography is my weakness. I can not settle on a project and end up with a lot of unconnected photographs. My resolution for 2016 is to find a project and try at the end of the year to have 12 photos that are linked by a theme. I just need to discover what that theme is as I am an engineer not an artist so the technical side of photography I can do it’s the artistic side that baffles me. Hence my consumption of blogs and books similar to yours over recent months.
    Happy New Year and Happy Shooting.

  2. Happy New Year, and all the best to you!
    I can totally relate to what your friend told you, it is my sentiments exactly when looking at your photos. It might sound weird, but you are not exactly the only one doing these photos or similar ones. There’s just something extra special in them, for me, since I love trains but never ride them, love the subway, but my country don’t have one, love culture, but the interesting parts of it seem like they always, for me, stem from an unreliable source. What I would like to do with your photographs is just line them up both sides of a wall in a gigantic hallways and just walk for around 4 hours straight and look. Anyways, I can ramble praises like this forever (when I like something!). I wish you the best of luck with your projects in the new year and with the camera stuff. Sucks when they get broken!

    1. Of course, I know I’m not the only one. I copied others myself. I remember starting photography and loving the photos of Anders Petersen or Eikoh Hosoe. I think the aesthetic of it something, certainly. I guess it has a lot to do with the place and the people.

      I really appreciate the kind words. I don’t think I have enough good photos to make a line that would take hours to walk haha. And yeah, I hope the camera continues to work. They all seem to be breaking these days. Fingers crossed πŸ˜‰ I’m curious also, where are you from? Since you mentioned your country I’m intrigued.

      1. I am from Belgrade, Serbia, where metro is a myth πŸ™‚ One of the most inspiring places I’ve seen is the underground train station we have, but people here are so skeptical towards any cameras, that I just don’t feel comfortable going down there with a Canon.

      2. Oh, interesting! One of my closest friends is Serbian. People are sceptical towards cameras everywhere, here included. All depends on the antitude of the photographer πŸ˜‰ I never shoot in a sneaky way so people don’t usually give me a hard time. My friends that are sneaky about it get in a lot of trouble though haha.

      3. I never try to be sneaky, just respectful and with a good attitude, but I always get grief. And it is only when I am with the big, proper camera. I think people are too paranoid and think I am a newsreporter and will sell their images or something. Funny though, is that I see so many people with big cameras around that never even get a glance, both tourists and domestic folk. Nobody cares when I use my phone or my Samsung camera on the other hand. It is a mystery, but it never deterred me from taking photos, just a bit reluctant to do it in places that are packed with people , but are not famous.

      4. Yeah, I can understand that. It is hard, people shy away from big cameras no matter why. I enjoy shooting with my phone a lot in the metro because people tend to be less worried and put off.

  3. People on their cell phones has become my biggest annoyance lately. Always having my camera on me, observing life, makes it so much more apparent and annoying.

    It makes me sound older than I am, but it really is sad seeing everybody with their head down, completely consumed by their smart phone. They’re missing so much life. I’m out attempting to capture something special, so it’s partly selfish, but I often wonder how many special moments don’t happen because of cell phones.

    Technology is great, but that might be the worst effect of it.

    Anyway, Happy New Year! If you get another 11 good months out of 2016, that’s not so bad πŸ™‚

  4. happy new year josh! i to hate how engrossed in smartphones people are now..and it makes taking photos harder and harder! really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to put out this year, and also to hopefully connecting if you’re still planning on coming to la this summer… although i think we may move to toronto in august…my wife and i are going next week to scout. anyway, all the best, cheers, miles

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