No Apologies

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Seoul, South Korea.

“Why do you take so many photos on the train?”

I get it.It must be sort of boring to see twenty photos a week of people on the Seoul tube. Fact of that matter is, I don’t take many photos. I literally never go outside with my camera just to take photos. I don’t do photo walks. I don’t go to a crowded area and walk around in hour increments while breaking for coffee in between to check my lcd for keepers. I don’t get the point of it. Could I take better photos if I did that? Of course. Common sense says that if I took more photos I would probably take better ones. I take photos in the same way that someone listens to music. You listen to music on the subway while you’re going somewhere. I take photos on the subway while going somewhere. Generally, when I get to where I’m going I’m more interested in what I’m doing than taking a photo of it. Sure, I’ll take a photo or two for memory sake, but I find it hard to quantify the importance of spending my free time taking photos of people I don’t care about. Selfish? Maybe. I prefer thinking I lived my life as opposed to having spent it taking photos for the sake of doing so. It’s a good way to occupy my time. One of these girls slept, the other was on her phone. I was taking a picture.

At least none one was bored.

Taken, edited, written, and posted before my stop.

Seoul, South Korea.

January 2016.

3 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. absolutely Josh, whatever works right? and each person with their routine and the way to look at things. For ex. this morning i met up with a friend and we just got lost in the city centre, took pictures – guess it was a photo walk, but the main thing is that we really enjoyed it (and we didnt even stop to check out our shots) it was a pure walking – talking – taking photos at times and enjoying the day.

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