7 thoughts on “Tangibility”

  1. What can I say? Exactly the way I feel about film too. It’s a chore, it’s messy, it’s time consuming and expensive…. but it gives me this strange feeling of being real. Just as those nice film cameras; they make me shoot better pictures than any digital camera.
    I owned quite a lot of digital cameras in the last 4 years, but they were sold on each and every one, as the results were simply not up to my (low) standards and the results I got from film. And anyways I always try to achieve a film look with digital files.
    Very nice, simple picture! I like it a lot.

  2. I agree on the tangibility, however, scanning film turns a negative into digital photo. In the end it becomes digital photography, with a file that will be printed digitally. You do keep the negative as a tangible backup but the print can be reproduced an infinite number of times. This is unlike using an enlarger and doing everything from start to finish in a darkroom. The only value I see in scanning negatives are the negatives themselves that serve as backup. Than again, if I print a digital photo, I also have a tangible object. So I would say that using film is only valuable if you do it in a complete analog workflow.

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