Back to Fuji and the Mayor’s Office

11 thoughts on “Back to Fuji and the Mayor’s Office”

  1. Nice! I’ve enjoyed your photography, not because it’s “harsh” but because it does have a fantastic pushed look. It’s refreshing compared to the constant photos of people walking in front of a wall I see. Great article!

  2. Yeah,overuse of the clarity slider is a huge trend. Awful look. Crushes everything. But I don’t agree one should change their ‘style’ because everyone else is doing it at present. If you keep changing your ‘style’ how will you ever find your own?! I also don’t think you, or anyone else should worry what other people do. Looking for an ‘original style’ is…dare I say; pretentious & self defeating. Just continue with your own work. Let’s be honest ; everything is a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy…… Klein/Daido/Petersen/Sobol etc.etc.

    1. People change and/or grow. Our personalities change as does the way we view things. I don’t think my style has really ‘changed’.. my photos here look very similar to those I took years ago. My point was more a matter of in the process of growing people needn’t worry about style. It is what it is. You shoot how you like, what you like and it will look as it does. I didn’t mean to say one should be in constant search of a unique style but more so that one shouldn’t fall into the habit of shooting a certain way because of a style. It is all ridiculous. Just a hobby for most of us after all.

  3. I have a few digital cameras here, and each one has kind of a signature “look” to its photos. I use each one when I want its look. What amuses me about this is how when I shoot film I change the film, not the camera or lens (so much) to get a look I want.

  4. Hey Josh, kudos for LensCulture. Well deserved. You have a unique voice, sliders or not…
    If one day you’ll move to color, I am sure you’ll be just as recognizable (the Crosses image is a precursor?)
    Great stuff as usual in this post.

  5. Hey Josh, a good post, I enjoyed the 24 hour project vid and I look forward to the upcoming series. Whats with the flash on the X100? do you prefer it to the built in flash?

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