iPhone Workflow: Part 2 – Colour

6 thoughts on “iPhone Workflow: Part 2 – Colour”

  1. Damn it Josh, I kinda waited so long for this article. While reading it today, I got my fuji stolen( other the articles fault though), makes it just difficult for me to finish reading it now 😦

  2. Hi Josh. Thanks for this one (don’t worry if you kept us waiting, it made the reading even more of a pleasure).
    Ok, so now we know your favorite Snapseed settings.
    One workflow question that I have, though, is not so much about the post-processing “recipes” but rather about your filing system. Do you entrust the whole lot to iOS’s Photos catalog? Or are you then importing the JPGs into something like Lightroom?
    Thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge, it’s always a pleasure to read you.
    Best, Giovanni

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