2016, Go Stuff Yourself.

8 thoughts on “2016, Go Stuff Yourself.”

  1. Yeah, 2016 can go stuff itself, definitely!

    Though it had some good moments – I finally get to do something with my photography… well that is if life does not decide to f… me up and kill my desire to make photographs.

    Did just that the whole year and I have to try really hard to keep rolling. Too much troubles too much on my mind to have a clear vision and a strong desire. To photograph people you have to love them in a way, strangers and all. But sometimes that’s hard….

    Anyways, as I say every year… Next year’s gonna be a treat! Gonna float with the current, gonna mellow out, gonna be a breeze! Sure! (Hell, I was wrong every one of the last 8 years!)


  2. Funny thing about end of years, we feel regret for not making the most of the previous one and at the same time we feel hope for the one yet to come. A period of flux, one tide ebbing, taking with it the detritus of the year gone, and the another bringing a new wave of optimism.

    I always liked that quote of yours where you say that – it is hard living in the present, it never feels as nostalgic as the past or as hopeful as the future. Maybe there is some truth in that. My own feeling is that we are too hard on ourselves at times, in years ahead we will probably look back and laugh about it, realising it wasn’t so bad.

    Personally for 2017, I would like to start a new project, something more long term (previous ones have stalled for whatever reason), and also flesh-out my IG account a bit (I used to delete a lot of what I put on there). Maybe then I will get some followers, ha! – Perhaps even start blogging again.

    Anyway, a happy new year to you, Josh, and here’s to a fruitfully photographic twelve months ahead.

  3. Have a very good year 2017, Josh – and in addition to the Instagram group and the Lensculture feature I think you can be proud that your blog inspires many people even thousands of kilometers away. Looking forward to your next posts and also your next project!

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