2017, Week 1.

3 thoughts on “2017, Week 1.”

  1. Happy New Year Josh. You are still pretty consistent with your point of view and post processing. Consistency is something i struggle with every now and then and also coz i shoot b&w and colour …. Nice set of pictures man

    1. I agree with Yuri. I see a consistency in your style that transcends the choice of camera. Sure, there are differences between the images taken with this or that camera but I feel I could pick out your images from a selection.
      Re GAS, maybe you should just stop worrying either way. If you try a new camera then enjoy the experience. If you stick with a camera then enjoy it as well. Sometimes we beat ourselves up so much over things that we end up feeling bad and those feelings are the real issues we face. Like with GAS, we feel we must avoid GAS and we’ve just bought ANOTHER new camera, so we think that we need to really work out what camera we should pick that we won’t suffer GAS next time…and then the same thing happens. Does that make sense? I think guilt can often make us more prone to making the same mistakes again, like when you don’t go to the gym, feel bad about it and think you suck so you don’t go the next day because what’s the point.

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