The Ricoh GR II and Why I Always End Up With a Ricoh

25 thoughts on “The Ricoh GR II and Why I Always End Up With a Ricoh”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts and pictures – I keep my fingers crossed that there will be no issues with your GR for a long time! Have one since more than two years now, used it a lot and it works fine so far. Really looking forward to the upcoming blog – many regards from Germany

  2. It did not matter what camera you are using your pictured are always inspiring! Congrats for the new blog, im sure it will be great.

  3. I bought a mirrorless Fuji after years of using a DSLR and I use it almost all the time now. Having a camera you can and will take anywhere is so important, as you say. Thanks for sharing these photos and your thoughts.

  4. The GRs are great. It is not just the size, but also the handling, the configurability and the image quality.

    BTW, one advantage of the GR IIs “hump” is that you can more easily find the power switch without looking.

  5. I sold my GR II about a month ago and have another one coming tomorrow. There may be newer cameras with improved features but there is just something about a GR. Unless you’ve shot with one, that doesn’t make any sense. Once you’ve shot with one, it just clicks, no pun intended.

  6. Hi Josh, great images as usual.
    Yep, Ricoh is addictive… It’s great at BW conversions, too. My GR images never ever make me feel I should have had my Monochrom with me that night. (Because indeed I mostly use the GR at night, when being unobtrusive is a bonus). My only gripe is that the settings are extremely confusing in their mutual interaction, and that Auto-ISO still tends to favor lower ISO against higher speed when I’d like instead to minimize shake, noise be damned…
    Looking forward to your new group blog…

  7. I couldn’t stand the newer GR cameras. Most of my b&w photography has been with the original GRD1 camera at maximum iso and contrast. I love the camera so much that I own four of them along with 21mm and 40mm lenses. The grd3/4 would be my second choice.

    1. Amazing photos, Michael, and thanks for the comment. You (and some other like jt) made me so curious about the GRD1 that after more than two happy years with a new GR I just bought one…

  8. had a GR , sold it a year ago.. But it itched , bought another one second hand. Nice price, including a Lumix optical viewer. And what great fun it is again to use it, basic but refined. A wolf disguised as a sheep. A trustworthy tool, you only have t concentrate on the subject. No one on the street will feel โ€œattackedโ€by this camera. When they announce the GRiii I will be probably one the first on the list ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. awesome photos! I have been thinking about getting a GRII for my street. I just want to get closer. I am kind of shy and I think the focal length will help me break that if I want to make great compositions in my photos with that camera. Thanks for the blogs, love your writing style.

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