24 Hour Project and the Leica Q

4 thoughts on “24 Hour Project and the Leica Q”

  1. A bloody brilliant blog post this one!
    I like the idea of posting one each hour through 24 hours, but I also understand it’s a bit exhausting in many ways. Not too sure I could do it, and absolutely not keeping the quality up like you always seem to manage.
    Great job done!!

  2. Great article Josh, funny though we had switched experiences. I was awake at night, but the streets were empty. Couldn’t find a human soul in two hours. At daytime, sitting down was evil and I got tired instantly, but people everywhere. Shenzhen truly is weird ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Great shots in this marathon, Josh.
    Best of them all, the old guy in the bathroom.
    And, you just proved it again: the Josh signature is totally camera-independent…
    Though that Q seems to have inspired you quite heavily. Another dangerous object lurking in the GAS eecesses of my lizard brain…

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