Return of the Legend: Ricoh GRII Follow Up

19 thoughts on “Return of the Legend: Ricoh GRII Follow Up”

  1. So many interesting points here.
    You say “As a photographic tool, it is probably the best out there for most of what I do but I never really feel anything when I’m using it.” Well, you put your finger right where the GR hurts me most. The GR just works, and works beyond expectation most of the time. But expectations are lower precisely because the tool is far from sensual (as Leica Film cameras —and possibly the M10, I can’t say— know how to be). There is no joy in handling a GR, and the total lack of physical commands makes it almost alien and definitely cold. But then you come back from a shoot or a walk (you don’t need to go out shooting to shoot a GR, you just need to go about your business), and you’ll discover little gems that you did not even know you had picked up from the rubble of the city. Amazing. As you say, it’s a camera that just is, transparent. Almost phone-like in its non-presence. Actually, more transparent than a phone, at least for me as I do not use the rear screen to compose at all, just the external OVF.

    I’ll think about the hood thing as a dust protector. I don’t use one, and so far I’ve been lucky on the dust (and durability) front. But lucky streaks have a way to end. And since I don’t plan to replace the Ricoh much before its year 7, I’d better take care of it as best as I can…

  2. Oh, one more thing: batteries. I hate Ricoh’s batteries, they rarely last me more than 60 shots. Is it because of the retracting lens using too much power just moving in and out? Even brand new, stupidly expensive original batteries don’t seem to have lasting power…
    What’s your experience?

    1. Hey Giovanni! You’re right here, of course. Honestly though, I have the same sort of feeling with a digital Leica. It “tricks” me for a couple of days but eventually I end up feeling the same as I do with the Ricoh in terms of “coldness”.. The battery thing has never been much of an issue for me. I rarely shoot more than 20-30 photos during an outing so I rarely even notice the battery in cameras. I usually charge the GR like every two weeks or so. I haven’t really “tested” one per say but I have a bunch of the batteries.

      1. Yes, the M9 (and Mono CCD) do not feel as sensuous as the M6. Too thick!
        That’s one reason why I am avoiding physical contact with an M10: I’m afraid I would not be able to let go of it!

    2. quite an interesting point: many I shoot a lot of photos in a row, because of catching the moment. so I frequently get home with several hundred, sometimes even more than thousand pictures. so I do get minimum 300, maximum even 800 pictures out of one battery (I have two). I turn it on and off a lot, taking it in and out of my pocket. hence the msin power drain doesnt seem to come from lens extension (and neither of flash use), but from the screen, and maybe metering, or other electronics running.
      btw. one battery is considerably more powerful than the other. both are original, I would recommend sigma, as one of theirs is identical, but cheaper and still a brand.

      1. I see, interesting points. I shoot around 800-1200 photos a year including film and digital so I almost never have to charge batteries. Although they seem to go a bit flat just sitting around once in a while. I have five or six for the Ricoh but usually only end up using the original one I got with the camera. Anyway, never been a problem for me really.

      2. Believe it or not, today I walked out with three spare batteries I had not touched since July, and ALL of them were totally flat. Would hardly start up the camera and shut off immediately. I’m recharging them all as I write, hope it was a total fluke… (all originals btw). Will update this as I test them further…

  3. I find that I tend to read through books and watch movies twice, and generally enjoy them more the second time around; I find it is the same with your posts, hopefully you will see that as a compliment, Josh. Anyway, random fact aside I hope the dust-demons leave you be this time around with the GR.

  4. Thanks a lot for your recent posts; happy to read more of them in the past weeks: all of them interesting and worth reading. Still very content with a GR and its versatility and inconspicuousness after almost 3 yrds now – kind regards to Korea

  5. The Ricoh GR is a great camera in terms of output. In terms of handeling I prefer my Leica but that’s film and film means a lot of extra work for me. Digital is now so good that I will be using the Ricoh more. In the end the image counts. Nobody gives a …… how it was taken.

  6. I had a Ricoh GR (the predecessor to the II) a few years ago and sold it for fear of getting dust on the sensor. I regret doing that. It was a lovely camera.

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