A Camera and a Beer

10 thoughts on “A Camera and a Beer”

  1. Nice story, strange how Leicas have soul like other mechanical cameras pre-1980’s. It will never be like that with digital….

    1. I think it is, at least for me, the fact that this camera will most likely be able to be adjusted, cleaned, and used for my entire lifetime. Difficult to say that about the others you’ve mentioned.

  2. Yes….. digital is great but my Leica with a roll of HP5 is pure magic. I’m going back to the darkroom…. nothings beats that.

  3. Memo to self – 1
    Get that M6 out of the storage closet. It deserves seeing light. And getting light through the shutter to some film (you still have some in storage too)

    Memo to self – 2
    Since you are never going to really go back to film like Josh can, try at least to get away from your now-too-familiar Lightroom process and make new presets. Something close to that Busan boat, for example. Keep yourself on edge.

    Thanks, Josh, for keeping us on edge indeed.

      1. Update on memo to self #2: it’s mighty hard to get the same feel. I am trying, it is likely that the way to get there is to actually dial DOWN clarity to some degree, possibly lower contrast too but at the same time preserve those deep blacks. Interesting challenge!

      2. Yeah it is certainly a softer look. I hate the clarity slider in either direction. Usually leave it at like minus 10 for digital photos. With digital I normally under expose two or so stops and push them back the same way I do with film. I also find the best way to get a similar look is with snapseed ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t touch the sharpness either even and even then it down as much as possible in camera haha. The original X100 can get the closest to my film stuff in look I reckon.

  4. Because of you praising the original X100, I just bought one (I first bought one new in 2011 but sold it two years later because it was too slow for me at that time). I can only thank you because I am now so so happy with the X100. And the AF feels surprisingly fast now. The Image Quality is just perfect for my needs. All the best from Switzerland.

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