New Beginnings

14 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Happy New Year Josh Family,i am very happy to see you post again i missed your writings.I love cats too i have three and makes me feel wonderful.You ask for advice, i like the posts about your life thoughts i can “read”your photos better -although,i like them very much anyway- it is something like behind the scenes.

    Thank you anyway,


  2. Happy New Year Josh!

    I enjoy your writing and I think reading about your experiences in life and photography help to contextualise your photography, so more of that! Oh and more of the kittens because kittens always brighten up the day!

    I always do the same with blogging, write a post and promise to do more with increasingly longer gaps in between.

    Have a good 2019.

  3. Happy New Year – glad to find and read a new post. About your question: Yes, longer pieces about life in general and photography in particular are what Iยดm in favour of; just the way you did it the past years – it is always an inspiring combination of photo and text! Many regards from Berlin

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter how short or whatever the subject is. Glad to see you’re back! Maybe you could write a blog post about tips for shooting film.

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