Five Goals For 2019

15 thoughts on “Five Goals For 2019”

  1. Good luck with your top 5. One thing I’ve found is that I’m much more successful with my goals when I schedule regular check-in’s for myself and have people who will truly hold me accountable. Don’t forget to reward yourself or at least recognize the progress you make along the way either. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

  2. Good luck with everything in the new year, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, including Neverland volume 2, or is that item number 6?



  3. Do you have an urgent need to share or create? What drives your desire to communicate? It is hard to be motivated by a decision, it really needs some kind of compulsion, at least I think so? For exercise check out the HASFit Channel on YouTube, I am not a motivated exerciser, but I have been using them for the last year.

  4. I think people would be interested in how you ended up in South Korea. How did you meet your wife and decide to settle there together? What’s it like living in a “foreign land” Do you speak Korean? etc

    1. Hi Ron,

      I believe I’ve covered it in the past but surely intend to touch on it again. Just for a simple recap I left law school in Canada in 2007 to come to Korea for the first time. I returned home when my father passed away and to finish school. Upon finishing school I came back to Korea almost straight away. I met my wife at a Christmas party haha. I speak Korean, yes, and I love living here 😉 Or else, I wouldn’t!


  5. It sounds like you’re most excited about the darkroom and your studio. Maybe that’s what your first YouTube videos should be about. Building that out. People would like that. -Scott

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