2018: Top 10 Photos (6-10)

12 thoughts on “2018: Top 10 Photos (6-10)”

    1. For me I think I treat compact cameras more like film cameras as well. I don’t know what it is about bigger digital cameras but I tend to completely pack it in after a shot or two.

  1. Number 6 is my favourite.also ,about No7,i prefer B&W too but sometimes I see a picture that is definitely a colour picture like No7. and I get frustrated cause I don’t like mixing colour and bw work :/

  2. Absolutely loved this blog post! It’s great to see people take more time to reflect on there photos rather than just post on social media. Super inspiring, thank you.

    1. Totally agree with miff, I also learn so much more from a blog post with some comments and reflections than from a social media post; really prefer the blog. So thanks much for sharing your favourite photos from 2018 here, Josh – and maybe you can even turn a collection of blog posts into a zine some day.

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