2019: Roll Two

4 thoughts on “2019: Roll Two”

  1. What do you mean by boring? Boring for who? How do you know it is boring? Actually I do not find them boring, but that is not important. I like the one with the train and the people looking away!

  2. I wouldn’t say boring at all, man. I mean i really dig the landscape photos. It’s got a feel to them collectively. Obviously it is winter but it gives me a feeling of meandering and looking for something(?) that or something around the lines of bhumming around and you know that moment when you’re just walking and spot something mundane but feel something in it that puts you into a trance like a budhist monk would dig that view and meditate there. I don’t know if that’s how you feel about them but that’s what I feel.

  3. What an exciting flurry of posts you’re going through, Josh. And so many hits out of 36 stream-of-consciousness frames…
    Train-based photography is so hit and miss, and that’s what makes it magic. Even more so when you’re using film and constrain yourself to only so many shutter releases. But my favs remain the streetscapes, plus that mysterious room inhabited by the plant and nothing else….
    Your processing yields a velvety look that is such a pleasant change from the over-contrasted, over-“clarity”-ed look of so many people out there these days (I like to think that I don’t go overboard with mine, but I’m probably guilty as charged, too). It’s interesting how push-processing in the darkroom gives the same look as pulling the clarity sliders in the… lightroom!

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