Coming Up

6 thoughts on “Coming Up”

  1. Hello from Russia! I have one question. I want to start blogging for a long time. But I don’t know why I need it. I’m also a little unsure of myself and I’m afraid to express my thoughts in public. Did you encounter such a problem when you first started this blog? And why did you even start it all? What thoughts were in your head? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi!

      Nice to hear from you. Well, to be honest I’ve only shot three or four times in public so far and got over the strange feeling pretty quickly. That being said, I spend half my time taking photos of people in the street quite closely so I interact with people quite often. I find the hardest part so far is balancing taking photos and also vlogging. Mostly because carrying two cameras is annoying. So I’ve kind of started to take photos with my vlogging camera if I am by myself.

      I decided to start the vlog basically because I have been wanting to do it for years. People often say when they meet me in person that I am far more easy going and funny than I seem in my “brooding” blogs and photos. I think I want to show a bit of that as well. Plus, I think people must be interested in life in Korea. I know my family is, haha.

      The biggest problem I’ve had so far is probably figuring out what gear I need as well as the editing process. Editing is definitely way way way more time consuming than I’d imagined. I use the LumaFusion app on my iPad and that has made life much easier.

      Anyway, hope this helps.


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