2019: Roll 4: Hanok Village

2 thoughts on “2019: Roll 4: Hanok Village”

  1. Well, an unconventional post from Mr White… The opening shot is just about magical, with that gust of wind blowing through your wife’s hair. You are a brave man to publish photos she may not feel happy about, but photographically speaking, the ‘bad’ ones are actually the best: the ‘flare’ portrait and the ‘horror movie’ one have tons of personality…
    On another point: isn’t it sad that we can no longer escape selfie-sticks and fake costumes? This whole idea that people need to stage themselves all the time is frankly despairing. But then again, one may argue that we’ll be soon smithereens’ed into oblivion by our own sins against the planet, so our stupidity is soon going to be consigned to dust, no need to bear with selfies for much longer.

    1. Agreed. On both points. It is sad. Years ago when I came to this place I was simply in love with the feeling of it. Now, it mostly looked like the photo above with the six or seven girls wearing the same clothes.

      As for the photos, I think you’re right about how she reacts although she has become more “funny” in her approach to it as opposed to straight up anger. She joked with me the entire next day about the “ghostly” portrait trying to recreate the same expression and hide round corners for me.

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