Busan, South Korea.
Busan, South Korea.

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  1. Hello, I introduce myself, I am Unuryu and I’m a fan of photography as you and I love your photos, what you do: your work!
    I created there is very little time for my own blog posted my own photos (and tutorials that come very soon), I’d be very happy if you would take just a little peek! I am a beginner and I would like you to give me some advice please!
    Here is the link: http://unuryuart.wordpress.com/
    Thank you in advance, it would be super nice of you!


    PS: sorry for the pub
    PPS: sorry for my translate, I use Google Translate

      1. Of course; I didn’t know where to read about your back story- but how did you find yourself in Seoul, or are you a native?

      2. I’m Canadian, in fact, and came to Seoul after law school when I wanted to take some time to travel. Ended up staying here. Whereabouts are you?

      3. Very cool, home is where the heart is haha
        I’m a native Floridian; born and raised, and attending school now
        Your blog makes me want to pack it all up and buy a one way ticket!

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