1. Absolutely stunning! Your pictures are full of beautiful textures and contrast. I loved this post. I will stay tuned for more.


    1. Thank you, Piya.

      I’m going to sort of reply to all of your comments on this one if that is okay. I’m happy that you found the blog and really appreciate the kind words. It is certainly a process as three or four years ago I spent most of my time talking about cameras. Anyway, photography has certainly become something much different for me of late. You’re a photographer then, I take it. Where are you based out of?

    1. Thanks Scott, I actually prefer this of the two sets I’ve put back up. It is more sincere, both emotionally and photographically. No flashes and extra lighting. Just me, some HP5, and a camera.

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  3. This is a really beautifully done photo-essay. I came across it at a perfect time as I’m about to arrange a similar trip with my elderly father to visit the family plot where Mom and my eldest brother are laid. It will be interesting to see what we talk about when we run out of things to say…

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