A society of one. This place, Korea, often seems this way. More than any other place I’ve been there is a feeling of detachment. There is a flow to life yet, every person seems alone. Natural? Perhaps.

I suppose in some ways it’s not that different than other countries. In a way though, it is. I liken it to bubbles. People live in bubbles. People walk and even talk in bubbles. I can only attribute this to there being so many people in such a small place.

Ironically, even though people seem to live this way there is this constant struggle to change and adapt to the flow. People act and dress like the newest k-pop group with little regard for their own individuality. The saddest part about this is that it in striving to conform the younger generation leave themselves little room for creativity. What are we without freedom of thought? How can people who’ve mastered the art of being alone (literally anywhere) constantly find comfort in conformity?

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