2019: Roll 3

Already finished with my third roll of the year. That, if you haven’t been following me, is quick fast for me. Normally I shoot two rolls or so a month if I’ve nothing special to shoot. Why? Well, not super easy to answer that. I think the main reason is my excitement to be committed … Continue reading 2019: Roll 3

2019: Roll Two

It isn’t often I get through two rolls of film in a couple of weeks. Normally I shoot about two rolls a month. Why am I shooting so much? It’s complicated. I guess the first reason is travel. I shoot a lot when I am going somewhere. I shoot photos in the same time that … Continue reading 2019: Roll Two

Simple Things

Better times. Always searching for something better. Miss the times you had. Look forward to the times you’re going to have. Hard to live in the present. Nights at the cages after work. Drinking. Simple things. Hard to live in the present. Never feels as sentimental as the past or as hopeful as the future. … Continue reading Simple Things


I love being back in Korea. Love it. Love Seoul, all of it. I haven’t felt at peace like this in maybe, ever? That being said, I miss the people in Toronto. I miss the time I spent there. Relationships, I’ll cherish forever. It’s during the hardest times you see the reality of your friends … Continue reading Friends

Timing (from The Culture)

5:50. I fucking hate bad timing. An offshoot of bad luck, only bad timing feels worse. At least luck feels uncontrollable. “Everything happens for a reason.” Sick of that, too. What reason? Lately, it’s a disjointed notion. Feels like running this fucked up emotional gambit full of equally fucked up ebbs and flows. 1:50. Holding … Continue reading Timing (from The Culture)