In Busan

Busan, South Korea.
Busan, South Korea.

I was packing for a one night trip to Busan on Friday and I had a problem that I hadn’t had in a while. I couldn’t figure out what camera to take with me. To travel, or to take photos, ha. It is a difficult question as I feel like too many people can’t distinguish between the two or spend too much time doing so.

Should I take a “real” camera or just a small one? What am I going to be taking photos of? What am I going to be doing?

All okay questions.

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Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada.

A shitty, rainy day in Seoul. Still reminded of home with the rain sliding across the cafe window. I don’t often miss home, not really.

That said, sometimes I feel like Newfoundland is a kind of oasis for Newfoundlanders. A trip back is needed every so often to cleanse the mind. The Soul.

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A Question of Style

Seoul, South Korea.
Seoul, South Korea.

A question of style.

Sitting around with a group of non-photography friends the other day one of them all of a sudden asked me why I posted a “‘normal” colour photo of them on Facebook. I thought it was a weird fucking question, considering the photo was just taken while they were just standing in a stairwell after playing a local gig. I took a photo with a small camera I had and one with my phone. I posted the one with my phone as I thought it would be something they would like more considering it was more “normal” as he said.

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For no one

For no one. I do this for no one. The battle is all internal. As is the gratification. I used to care about opinion. I used to give a fuck. Used to wait on flickr favorites and facebook likes. Superficial bullshit. I don’t do this for anyone else. I’m looking for something deeper than the … Continue reading For no one


In the process of starting a project in Seoul following a group of musicians as they tour the underground clubs of Asia. Just a couple of days into shooting, I can already feel the vibe coming together. It’s seeping into what I’m doing. It’s a fucking great feeling. The inspiration for the project was jump-started … Continue reading Kickstarted