A Negative

Yesterday, I was going through negatives I hadn’t yet scanned. The first shot on one roll was this one. I hadn’t noticed it before, because it was the only photo I took on my trip home with this camera. A Leica M5, someone had given me months before I’m not sure why this was the … Continue reading A Negative

The Kids: GTA

After watching a couple of disturbing videos today, I’m fucking astonished at what’s happened to the kids of this generation. Astonished. Seeing kids act out video games on the streets. Knocking out unsuspecting teachers and laughing about it. Really fucking funny. Whose to blame? Probably all of us. This generation is defined by fine lines … Continue reading The Kids: GTA

Simple Things

Better times. Always searching for something better. Miss the times you had. Look forward to the times you’re going to have. Hard to live in the present. Nights at the cages after work. Drinking. Simple things. Hard to live in the present. Never feels as sentimental as the past or as hopeful as the future. … Continue reading Simple Things